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Peruvian Food

Peruvian Food

Peruvian Cylinder or Chinese Box ? Which one would you choose ? Let us help you..

11/14/2017 • By
lechon a la caja china

lechon a la caja china

The Peruvian Cylinder or the Chinese Box? Which one is the best loved Peruvian BBQ technique?

After visiting one of the most famous Peruvian food fairs in the city and having acknowledged the big acceptance of these two cooking techniques, we were still wondering which of the two methods was the best liked for Peruvians.

Long lines remained at different food stands that were offering either the exquisite chancho [pork] prepared in the cylinder or the crunchy lechon [pork] prepared in the Chinese box. READ MORE

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Inca Kola vs Coca Cola : If you can’t beat them join them. The whole truth about Peruvian soda.

09/03/2017 • By

Inca Kola vs Coca Cola : The Beginning

Many stories have been told about the rivalry between Inca Kola and Coca Cola. There are many different versions which have been said about the decision of selling our brand to a foreign company. There are many opposing opinions around this topic. But we wouldn´t expect less than this taking into account that Inca Kola has been the most representative drink of our Peruvian people.

We would like to know more about the story behind this titanic struggle between Inca Kola and Coca Cola. When and How did it start? Which event did it influence Family Lindley so they finally decided to sell the brand to a giant transnational company?READ MORE

Peruvian Desserts

Five Peruvian desserts that our grandparents used to have on their way to school. I did not even know number four existed.

09/03/2017 • By

In our country, Peruvian food is really appreciated and recognized by its unique taste, diversity of ingredients and ways to cook food. But Peruvian desserts have not reached the same recognition than others have earned. This has been happening in spite of their high quality and taste that have also made them as awesome as the rest of the food.

Peruvian desserts were born upon the arrival of Spaniards to America. They brought ingredients such as sugar, milk and flour. Besides this, they also shared European, Arab and Hindus techniques to prepare different kind of desserts.

In convents and monasteries of the time it was started to mix European ingredients and techniques with the ingredients of our country. By this time, it is when the real Peruvian multiracial pastries was born.READ MORE

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Peruvian Restaurants in USA : What is our true goal? An open criticism.

08/03/2017 • By

Peruvian Restaurants on target

We are all aware of the great recognition Peruvian food has had around the world these last years. This is due to its great taste, unique ingredients or its different ways of cooking food.

This might have been the reason why so many Peruvian restaurants have joyfully opened in order to take advantage of this Peruvian food boom here in the US.

I personally support those Peruvian entrepreneurs who risk to open their own businesses. They do know the potential of our Peruvian food and therefore they do not think over it twice in order to set it up for pursuing their American dream.