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Peruvian Restaurants in USA : What is our true goal? An open criticism.

08/03/2017 • By

Peruvian Restaurants on target

We are all aware of the great recognition Peruvian food has had around the world these last years. This is due to its great taste, unique ingredients or its different ways of cooking food.

This might have been the reason why so many Peruvian restaurants have joyfully opened in order to take advantage of this Peruvian food boom here in the US.

I personally support those Peruvian entrepreneurs who risk to open their own businesses. They do know the potential of our Peruvian food and therefore they do not think over it twice in order to set it up for pursuing their American dream.


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What happened in the most important Peruvian Food festival in the United States, Taste of Peru 2017 ? We will tell you everything !!

06/24/2017 • By

Taste of Peru 2017, Washington DC

The Fifth Peruvian Gastronomical Event named Taste of Peru 2017 was celebrated this fourth of June in Washington DC. This is the most important Peruvian Food festival in United States.

The event was held at the University of the Columbia District.

This celebration is perhaps the most important day of marketing and promotion concerning Peruvian food in United States. Therefore, Peruvian Food USA could not miss this important date.