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Pancakes with scrambled eggs again? What about an exquisite Peruvian breakfast instead?

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What is a real Peruvian breakfast ?

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It is also said that having a good breakfast improves intellectual performance as well as the good functioning of our body during the day.

Peruvians know this very well and for that reason they are not satisfied with having pancakes, scrambled eggs or a toast with bacon, fried egg and cheese for breakfast every day.

Peruvians are used to have a variety of choices for breakfast, and sometimes breakfast has a specific purpose.

For example:

A Sudado de pescado [A steamed fish fillet], a good Caldo de gallina [A hen soup] or a tasty parihuela [Seafood soup] are some of the traditional breakfasts that raise the dead.

These dishes are specially prepared to recover one´s health after a big night out.

They are in charge of revitalizing people and make them get their energy levels back to normal so they can start a new day the right way.

sudado de pescado

sudado de pescado

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Traditional Peruvian breakfasts are often accompanied by delicious fresh fruit juices and this is possible thanks to the wide variety of Peruvian fruits.

Among these fruit juices we have El Jugo Surtido [A Mixed fruits juice], the special juice and the lucuma or the strawberry with milk juice.

peruvian drinks

peruvian drinks

Another important ingredient of most Peruvian breakfasts is the popular bread.

It might be French bread, baguette bread or pan de yema [a sweet bread].

With these types of bread, it is usually prepared a variety of delicious sandwiches or sanguches as it is often written and pronounced this English word in Perú.

Among of the most common breakfast is pan con chicharron [a braised pork sandwich]. In fact, this type of meal replaced from top those French or Spanish breakfasts as it was reported by a survey conducted recently.

These types of breakfast accompanied by camote frito [sweet potato chips] and its unique salsa criolla [an onion, pepper and lime sauce] are among the most preferred breakfasts by Peruvian tastes.

But we also have more. Peru has a lot to offer. What if we had a good pan con lechón [a roasted pork sandwich], a pan con relleno y camote [relleno & sweet potato sandwich], a good portion of Sangrecita [A chicken blood preparation] or a Peruvian sausage sandwich to satisfy hunger?

peruvian breakfast

peruvian breakfast

I remember those Sunday early mornings when my dad asked me to buy the newspaper and some chicken and pork tamals. There was a woman standing on the corner, the very same who wrapped them in newsprint for us who, in turn, ran fast to home so tamals wouldn´t cool.

Peruvian Tamales

Peruvian Tamales

There is nothing to do, Perú is an exceptional country!. So many people would like to have all that we can offer to the entire world. Let´s learn how to appreciate what we own and never forget where we come from.

What do you remember from those times living in Perú? Which was your typical favorite breakfast or the one that you best liked?

Please leave your comments on this because they will be very important to spread the greatness of our food.