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What happened in the most important Peruvian Food festival in the United States, Taste of Peru 2017 ? We will tell you everything !!

06/24/2017 • By

Taste of Peru 2017, Washington DC

The Fifth Peruvian Gastronomical Event named Taste of Peru 2017 was celebrated this fourth of June in Washington DC. This is the most important Peruvian Food festival in United States.

The event was held at the University of the Columbia District.

This celebration is perhaps the most important day of marketing and promotion concerning Peruvian food in United States. Therefore, Peruvian Food USA could not miss this important date.

If what it was stated before is not a good reason for attending this fair, the fact of meeting our Peruvian counterparts, lovers of our food, music and dances and all things that summarize what Peruvian culture is, has turned into the strongest reason to support the above-mentioned statement.

This has become the most motivating justification to make us pack all our stuff to join the adventure of traveling from New York to Washington.

taste of peru 2017

taste of peru 2017

We found ourselves very excited to join this fair after we had purchased our tickets as well as booked a hotel for a night some weeks in advance.

We wished we could try some of our typical dishes; those we haven´t enjoyed for a long time.

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Among these dishes we wished to try Chancho al palo [A fire-roasted pork], The delicious Ceviche de conchas negras  or perhaps the exquisite Pachamanca[A typical dish based on the baking of lamb, pork, chicken etc with the aid of hot stones].

taste of peru 2017

taste of peru 2017

The trip which was supposed to take four hours of driving, took almost six hours.

We had many inconveniences to register into the hotel. It is really a shame that many hotel owners do not care about their clients. ( I will talk about this experience in another post).

Everything went backwards but we went on enthusiastically. We only dreamt about the music we used to listen in our childhood. The music that made you so happy. We thought of trying those exquisite dishes that would make you feel Peruvian seasoning and well as its culture.

After a long and exhausted day, a day of long journals, visits to museums as well as meetings with friends from childhood. We really deserved a rest in order to take back energies for joining the most expected celebration for Peruvian food and culture lovers.

We were finally there, it was 11 am and it was a sunny day.

Doors were opened at 10 am and there were a lot of people at the event.

It was likely to be an awesome environment and long lines to take food are also expected.

disfrutando la comida peruana

disfrutando la comida peruana

The Andean soft music changed this event into a more Peruvian native place. People were happy, enjoying with relatives and friends. Pisco sour, Chilcanos [a Peruvian cocktail based on pisco] and beers were passed from one hand to another. It was likely to be a great party and dancing time would not take longer.

We did not wait and went straight to the stand of Mr Carlos Ramirez from Tradiciones de Huaral [A typical Peruvian restaurant with a farm style].

He is the master of Chancho Palo [A fire-roasted pork]. It is not to praise him improperly but Chancho looked terrific. It was crispy on the outside and juicy inside.

chancho al palo taste of peru 2017

chancho al palo taste of peru 2017

The way it was baked gave it a unique and irresistible touch. For this reason, it was one of the most ordered dish at the International Fair of Mistura.

We could talk to Mr Ramirez and to be frankly he is a good guy and a good businessman. We wish we could meet him again in some other event of this type. You can visit his web site at this address:

chancho al palo - taste of peru

Posando con el chancho al palo. Se nos hace agua la boca.

A distinctive place is also given to the Anticuchos [Cow´s heart Kebabs] (La Casa de los Anticuchos, a famous Peruvian restaurant located in Lima) and Los Picarones [Peruvian doughnuts] of Mama Uca.

They had an excellent participation at the event. We did not try them but we did receive good comments from people who had taken anticuchos and picarones for home in food baskets.

We were delighted to see how those three dishes served by Picca Restaurant stroke people.

Among these food items we had The Fish Ceviche and the most wanted Ceviche de conchas negras. People had to stand in two lines, one to purchase tickets and the other one to pick up orders. I think they were overworked to cope with these tasks.

taste of peru 2017 trio de causas picca

taste of peru 2017 trio de causas picca

I did not personally care about standing in a line twice because I could not resist the temptation of taking this fish ceviche once again.

It was even worse to stand in lines because of the hot weather we had by 1 pm.

causas y ceviche

causas y ceviche

The Picca Stand vendor was the first one to close his doors. They sold all at the speed of lights.

By that moment, I met Emmanuel Piqueras. He is the host of the widespread tv show Sabor y Fusión.

We talked for a couple of minutes and took a picture as a lasting memory. Emmanuel is a Peruvian food expert and a great businessman.

I was surprised by his friendly and kindly way of dealing with people who asked for a picture or a hug. Despite of having too much work at the event, he did not reject people´s requests. Peru is proud of him.

Emmanuel Piqueras Taste of Peru

Emmanuel Piqueras Taste of Peru

There were also two typical music and dance groups from Peruvian regions that entertained participants. There was also a fashion show and too many other free exhibitions. Among these, we had El ninja de los limones and the world champion leader Mr Astocondor.

It was definitely an international level event. Our Peruvian food really deserves this.

restaurant huascaran taste of peru 2017

It was about time when we finally had to leave, but we first ordered some take-out food. Piononos [A Peruvian dessert] of Nia were delicious. Beef Empanadas of Eli were true delights. Lucuma and Chirimoya Ice Creams were really good. It is a shame that we did not count with such ice cream vendors near our office.

We ran out of time to try other food delights. But we are completely sure that when we come back next year we will take revenge. This event must last two days. If it were like this, we could have the chance of coming the following day and not just expecting for a whole year to take part in.



Peruvian Brothers Sandwich Sampler

Peruvian Brothers Sandwich Sampler

Inca Kola - que calor !!

Inca Kola – que calor !!

You can take a look at the pictures we posted here so you can see how well this event was organized, visited and above all the great environment all people had that day. A great recognition should be given to all organizers of this event. See you soon on our next edition!!.

Which dishes would you like to try next time? Which city of the United States would you like an event of this type to be held in?. Your comments are always welcome!!. Thanks for your support!!.