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Peruvian Restaurants in USA : Are they hanging on our cuisine’ s fame or are they really promoting our food?

11/14/2017 • By

The New Trend of Peruvian Restaurants in USA

lomo saltado tacos

lomo saltado tacos

When the weekend is coming by and our workdays are about to finish (we enjoy at least two days off work) our wishes to go out, relax and find a place where to enjoy will increase considerably.

In my case, I am always looking for new Peruvian restaurants in USA where I could enjoy the flavors and smells which could take me back to my home country.

I am always looking for those places which can remind me those memorable moments of my childhood.

During that search I have faced good and bad experiences.

But that is something in common in every aspect of human life. Trial and error is the name this event has being called so often. However, we are currently facing something that it did not catch the attention of people before.

This is happening because it was considered to be a very isolated fact. But this event has gradually taking a very important place in my mind.

As a consequence of this, I can’t now keep it aside from other things. This fact has been happening more frequently and I wonder why is it so?

Maybe you have realized this, too. But unlike me you have not figured it out yet. This is so because for me, as I said before, it is a common custom of every week.

It has been really interesting but my brain is still asking itself too many questions. The answer to these questions is that now it is more common to find restaurants of culinary fusion or country fusions (if I might find suitable to use these terms).

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I really apologize but I do not find any other way to name them. When I talk about this, I am referring to those restaurants of Mexican-Peruvian style, Colombian-Peruvian or even Ecuadorian-Peruvian type of restaurants.

restaurante mexicano peruano

restaurante mexicano peruano

But what I found more incredible is that I do not see anywhere a Mexican-Colombian, Ecuadorian-Mexican or even Chilean-Ecuadorian style restaurant. This means that the Peruvian factor is always present in this equation, otherwise the result will be wrong.

Please do not misunderstand this, because I am of that type of persons who think that all Latin American people are brothers and sisters and that we should always seek ways to help each other in all what we need.

But this is simply something that has caught my attention and that has left me many questions that I hope I can solve them with your comments and opinions regarding this topic.

Peruano Ecuatoriano

Peruano Ecuatoriano

For example:

These restaurants have been using Peruvian cuisine as a means to launch their products in the US market because their gastronomies are not as profitable as it is the Peruvian cuisine.

But what does happen to the Peruvian food? Is it getting a benefit or is it losing more than what it really gets from it?. Is the quality of Peruvian food higher or lower? Are their chefs specialized in Mexican, Ecuadorian or Colombian cuisine? Or Are they of that type of persons who do anything just to get money?

On one side we find that the variety of meals do really benefit the client’s choices to eat, because they can find unique dishes such as the lomo saltado taco [stir fried beef and potatoes] bandeja paisa a lo pobre [A Colombian dish that includes beans, rice, avocado, fried egg, meat and fried bananas] , ceviche with jalapenos [fish with lemon and chili peppers] or chaulafan [ckicken fried rice] (which I think from my humble point of view it is a version of the Peruvian Chaufa rice). But on the other side are these options simply damaging the origin of our traditional Peruvian food?

chaulafan ecuatoriano

chaulafan ecuatoriano

It should be stated clearly that the inquiries mentioned in previous paragraphs are just a tool to collect information (opinions) and through this, we could have a wider, better and much clear point of view regarding this issue.

Now country-fusion type of restaurants will be more frequent and we will finally decide to support them or just deny this proposal.

So, what do you think? We look forward to hearing from your comments and opinions.

We will keep on supporting from this humble side our Peruvian cuisine and we will always keep on searching the best Peruvian restaurants in USA and those others who are not as good as the rests.