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Peruvian rotisserie chicken : A more than 60-year old history.

01/30/2015 • By

peruvian rotisserie chickenWho could deny that the peruvian rotisserie chicken is the favorite dish of every Peruvian person? Not just because its extraordinary taste, juicy in the inside and crispy on the outside, sided by the equally tasteful fried Peruvian potatoes, the spicy sauce (a perfect mix of huacatay and peruvian yellow chili pepper), salad and the purple corn drink called “chicha morada”  to calm the thirst down.

The peruvian rotisserie chicken is such a popular dish among Peruvians that it can be consumed as a daily meal, or a main plate in a big event. Currently in Peru, the peruvian rotisserie chicken has become a great multi-billion dollar  year business. This is the reason you can find chicken rotisserie restaurants in every corner in Peru, with affordable sales for any budget.

But how is it that the peruvian rotisserie chicken has come to be one of the most praised Peruvian dishes? It has become the most consumed Peruvian dish in the last three decades, and it has been given the credit as a cultural heritage from Peru, thanks to its taste and distinct Peruvian nature.

To answer that, we must go back to the end of the 40’s and beginning of the 50’s. This was the time when a Swiss immigrant named Roger Schuller opened a chicken farm. Considering that the business wasn’t working as expected, he decided to auction his chickens to get back his investment. Thus, he decided to place an ad on the side of the road that said: “Eat all the chicken that you can for only five soles (peruvian currency)”.

The home’s cook prepared the chicken with an iron rod where they were placed and cooked uniformly, with a manual spinning movement over the wood grill. Roger Schuller realized the potential of this after his chickens were sold in an unthinkable speed.

Then, his partner Franz Ulrich and himself decided to perfect the technique by creating a cooking machine that allowed the support of up to 8 chickens of less than 2 lb each. This machine cooked the chicken uniformly over coal or wood and at a much faster speed. This is the way the first peruvian rotisserie chicken restaurant was born: “La Granja Azul”.

cooking rotisserie chicken

The success of “La Granja Azul” was such that, after a few years, their rotisserie chicken started to expand throughout the country with new rotisserie chicken restaurants, each with its own recipe or special touch.

In the USA the peruvian rotisserie chicken is becoming a starring dish in more Peruvian restaurants everyday. Its acceptance is growing everyday among Peruvians, as well as foreign guests, that after tasting the unique flavor of our rotisserie chicken they decide to include it in their favorite dishes lists.

The rotisserie chicken recipe is still a mystery. Everyone claims to have the best recipe in the market. Some add or take a few ingredients, some use beer, others use pisco, and some others just grill it with salt. In the end it’s up to you to decide which is the best peruvian rotisserie chicken in town. Tell us which is the best you’ve had, whether it is in Peru or in the USA, and which is the best side dish to put together with a real rotisserie chicken. We expect your comments!

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