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Peruvian Food

Amazing Peruvian BBQ techniques. Which one is your favorite ?

11/14/2017 • By
Peruvian BBQ

Peruvian BBQ

The Peruvian Cylinder or the Chinese Box? Which one is the best loved Peruvian BBQ technique?

After visiting one of the most famous Peruvian food fairs in the city and having acknowledged the big acceptance of these two cooking techniques, we were still wondering which of the two methods was the best liked for Peruvians.

Long lines remained at different food stands that were offering either the exquisite chancho [pork] prepared in the cylinder or the crunchy lechon [pork] prepared in the Chinese box. READ MORE

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Peruvian Restaurants in USA : Are they hanging on our cuisine’ s fame or are they really promoting our food?

11/14/2017 • By

Peruvian Restaurants in USA - Fusion Tacos of Lomo Saltado

Peruvian Restaurants in USA – Fusion Tacos of Lomo Saltado

The New Trend of Peruvian Restaurants in USA

When the weekend is coming by and our workdays are about to finish (we enjoy at least two days off work) our wishes to go out, relax and find a place where to enjoy will increase considerably. In my case, I am always looking for new Peruvian Restaurants in USA where I could enjoy the flavors and smells which could take me back to my home country.READ MORE

Peruvian Food, Peruvian Restaurants

Peruvian Restaurants in USA : What is our true goal? An open criticism.

08/03/2017 • By
Peruvian Restaurants in USA

Peruvian Restaurants in USA

Peruvian Restaurants on target – What it is really happening ?

We are all aware of the great recognition Peruvian food has had around the world these last years. This is due to its great taste, unique ingredients or its different ways of cooking food. This might have been the reason why so many Peruvian restaurants have joyfully opened in order to take advantage of this Peruvian food boom here in the US.

I personally support those Peruvian entrepreneurs who risk to open their own businesses. They do know the potential of our Peruvian food and therefore they do not think over it twice in order to set it up for pursuing their American dream.


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Peruvian Chefs conquer The New York Times. The new “Generation with Cause”

08/01/2017 • By
Peruvian Chefs

New Peruvian Chefs

These are the Peruvian Chefs that are ready to conquer United States with the best version of Peruvian Food

PromPeru in its constant search to strengthen its foundations and market the biodiversity of Peruvian Cuisine, had the intention of gathering about 50 new Peruvian Chefs from different parts of our country.

The so called fourth generation of Peruvian chefs who also claimed to be the “Generation with a cause  had as its main objective to consolidate Peru as the worldwide principal touristic and gastronomic destiny for 2021.READ MORE

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Three powerful reasons why you should never eat Guinea Pig meat

07/11/2017 • By
Eating Guinea Pig

Eating Guinea Pig

Would you eat Guinea Pig meat? is it good or bad for you ?

Cuy [Guinea pig] is our most versatile animal with an Andean origin. It is loved by many people and rejected by many others. It is a must in most Peruvian families from Andean regions. It is becoming a very popular dish in all tables throughout the world thanks to its exquisite taste and some nutrition facts which state that its meat is very healthy.

Guinea Pig has several qualities. It is very difficult to list all of them in this short and brief article. However, we want to go to the other side today. We want to provide the downsides of this small and hairy animal with a funny appearance.READ MORE