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Five Peruvian dishes scarcely found in US restaurants The fourth one will surprise you!!

06/25/2017 • By
peruvian dishes family meal

peruvian dishes family meal

Did you know that are Peruvian dishes that are difficult to find on a Peruvian Restaurant in USA?

Have you ever wanted to eat something on a whim? You may often wake up with the purpose of eating those delicious meals that your mom or your grandma used to cook in your childhood or teenage years.

When you live far from your home town, you might need to evoke those happy and memorable times from your childhood in some way.

Cuisine can make it come true. You could remember your lovely town, your beloved friends, those memorable times with your relatives sitting around the table or maybe the first love story you had at school.


Peruvian Cuisine News, Peruvian Food, Peruvian Restaurants

What happened in the most important Peruvian Food festival in the United States, Taste of Peru 2017 ? We will tell you everything !!

06/24/2017 • By
Emmanuel Piqueras Taste of Peru

Emmanuel Piqueras Taste of Peru

Taste of Peru 2017, Washington DC

The Fifth Peruvian Gastronomical Event named Taste of Peru 2017 was celebrated this fourth of June in Washington DC. This is the most important Peruvian Food festival in United States.

The event was held at the University of the Columbia District.

This celebration is perhaps the most important day of marketing and promotion concerning Peruvian food in United States. Therefore, Peruvian Food USA could not miss this important date.


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You should know why the Peruvian Pisco is vastly superior to the bad Chilean imitation – Shocking facts inside !!

06/10/2017 • By
Pisco - Traditional beverage of Peru Peruvian Pisco

Pisco – Traditional beverage of Peru Peruvian Pisco

Find out reasons why The Peruvian Pisco is a high international quality product and why the so called Chilean Pisco is a very bad imitation of it.

The lack of creativity of some people might reach unprecedented levels.

Someone might try to imitate a market leader seller and to some extend improve his or her products, but trying to take his or her ideas as if they were theirs without giving any reasonable arguments, it is something ridiculous.

The Pisco is 100% Peruvian

If someone tries to claim that Pisco has a Chilean origin, this person is not only a cold fish but someone who needs to provide enough evidence to support this statement. READ MORE

Peruvian Cuisine News, Peruvian Food

Discover the new way to promote Peruvian Food. Peru Flavors on Wheels !! Peruvian Food trucks with Peruvian Heart.

05/29/2017 • By
El Fuego Peruvian Food

Peruvian Food Truck Fuego

Peruvian Food Trucks : The Beginning

It was a normal Sunday and I found myself resting after a very busy weekend.

Then, as it is common for me on Sunday nights, I turned on the TV to be updated with the news of my country.

I was not going to tell you that I was surprised with the things I saw because I was really expecting that something like this would happen sooner or later.

Then I told myself: “We finally realized the real potential of our Peruvian food“.READ MORE

Breakfast from Peru, Peruvian Drinks & Fruits, Peruvian Food

Pancakes with scrambled eggs again? What about an exquisite Peruvian breakfast instead?

05/16/2017 • By

What is a real Peruvian breakfast ?

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It is also said that having a good breakfast improves intellectual performance as well as the good functioning of our body during the day.

Peruvians know this very well and for that reason they are not satisfied with having pancakes, scrambled eggs or a toast with bacon, fried egg and cheese for breakfast every day.

Peruvians are used to have a variety of choices for breakfast, and sometimes breakfast has a specific purpose. READ MORE