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Three powerful reasons why you should never eat Guinea Pig meat

07/11/2017 • By
Eating Guinea Pig

Eating Guinea Pig

Would you eat Guinea Pig meat? is it good or bad for you ?

Cuy [Guinea pig] is our most versatile animal with an Andean origin. It is loved by many people and rejected by many others. It is a must in most Peruvian families from Andean regions. It is becoming a very popular dish in all tables throughout the world thanks to its exquisite taste and some nutrition facts which state that its meat is very healthy.

Guinea Pig has several qualities. It is very difficult to list all of them in this short and brief article. However, we want to go to the other side today. We want to provide the downsides of this small and hairy animal with a funny appearance.READ MORE

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Peruvian yellow pepper, main character in Peruvian cuisine. Recipe included.

12/28/2014 • By

aji amarillo

Peruvian yellow pepper : main ingredient in Peruvian Cuisine

The different types of chili peppers existent in Peruvian ground are a fundamental part of the many flavors and odors of our exquisite Peruvian food. Some examples are: the peruvian yellow pepper (aji amarillo), rocoto, aji limo, aji panca and mirasol (a yellow pepper dried on the sun) to name a few.READ MORE