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Five Peruvian dishes scarcely found in US restaurants The fourth one will surprise you!!

06/25/2017 • By
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peruvian dishes family meal

peruvian dishes family meal

Did you know that are Peruvian dishes that are difficult to find on a Peruvian Restaurant in USA?

Have you ever wanted to eat something on a whim? You may often wake up with the purpose of eating those delicious meals that your mom or your grandma used to cook in your childhood or teenage years.

When you live far from your home town, you might need to evoke those happy and memorable times from your childhood in some way.

Cuisine can make it come true. You could remember your lovely town, your beloved friends, those memorable times with your relatives sitting around the table or maybe the first love story you had at school.

The fact is, that whatever the reason might be, all true Peruvian people have sometimes such a feeling. This feeling gets stronger enough that we all visit thousands of restaurants in order to fulfill our most desired goal.

However, owners of these kind of restaurants do not run the risk of offering all types of Peruvian dishes on their menus due to the lack of ingredients in the United States or because they are not simply too commercial for people around the community. This is why, it has been a very difficult task to find them on menus.

It has seemed very interesting to us the comments of all general audience regarding this topic. Therefore, we carried out a survey in order to know which dishes Peruvian people most missed but unfortunately did not find in their favorite Peruvian restaurants.

Now and without keeping you wait any longer, here we list the results. If you think we have jumped one of them, do not hesitate to leave your comments and opinions.

5th place – Pachamanca 

Pachamanca peruvian dishes

Pachamanca peruvian dishes

This has become one of the most favorite dishes of Peruvian people. Even when this can be found in many restaurants, we all agree that it does not have the same taste, smell and original texture as the one cooked and prepared on earth with the aid of hot stones covered with banana leaves.

This beef melts in your mouth and the smell of its beans is highly distinctive. In other words, all people agreed that it did not result in the same dish when this was cooked in a saucepan and not on the ground. Do you agree?

 4th place – Cuy Chactado [A fried guinea pig]

Guinea Pig - peruvian dish

Guinea Pig – peruvian dish

It is incredible that we have listed it due to the poor acceptance it has around here. In spite of the healthy and delicious taste of its meat, some people might think that cuy [A fried guinea pig] is cute and it is only a household pet. However, we realized that many people miss the original flavor and crispy texture of its meat. It is usually served with potatoes, beans, corn, pepper and its distinctive creole sauce. What do you think? Would you like to try a Cuy Chactado [A fried guinea pig]?

3rd Place – Chanfainita [ A dish based on Cow lungs]

chanfainita - peruvian dishes

chanfainita – peruvian dishes

This is one of the most typical and most wanted dishes of Peruvian Cuisine. It has been difficult to find it in restaurants because it is not a commercial dish in the international market. However, many people usually have this meal in Peru. It is cheap, delicious and healthy.

It is prepared with cow lungs [usually known as bofe in Peru] and peppermint; an ingredient that gives it a distinctive smell. It is usually served with mote [boiled beans], white potatoes and sometimes with canchita [Peruvian toasted corn]. Have you ever had it? Would you like to order it in your favorite Peruvian restaurant?

2nd Place – Locro [A pumpkin stew with potatoes, huacatay, cheese and chili peppers]

Pumpkin Locro - main peruvian dish

Pumpkin Locro – main peruvian dish

Locro is another typical dish of Peruvian Cuisine. However, its ingredients are difficult to find in the United States and this has been the reason why its taste has not been the same than the one we used to have in Peru.

First of all, we have the macre pumpkin which is a variety of this vegetable difficult to find in the United States. Choclo or Peruvian corn, fresh cheese, huacatay [A mint-like herb] and the Ají Amarillo [A Peruvian yellow chili pepper] have turned our Peruvian Locro into one of the most missed dish.

The macre pumpkin gives this meal a unique flavor because it is not as sweet as the rest of pumpkins we find in other countries. Do you remember Locro? Did you use to have it when you were in Peru?

1st Place – Caigua Rellena [A type of cucumber filled with beef and olives]

caigua rellena - the favorite peruvian dish

caigua rellena – the favorite peruvian dish

It was undoubtedly the winner of our survey. It remained in first place by a narrow margin but it was always listed as one of the most missed dishes in our Peruvian cuisine.

Caigua Rellena is definitely a difficult meal to find in this country due to its healthy properties and great flavor.

It is usually prepared with a special stuffing based on ground beef, black olives and a dressing that is usually served with rice and egg.

I remember that this meal was always cooked at home when I was a child. My mom used to tell us: eat what you have inside it at least”.

We always refuse to eat caiguas because we did not like them. However, we are listed here as many other people who also missed to try this delicious meal once again.

What do you think about this article?

Which were your favorite dishes from your childhood?

Which dishes do you miss and wait to find sooner or later in your local Peruvian restaurants?

Your opinions and comments are always welcome. Thank you very much!!!

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