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Discover the new way to promote Peruvian Food. Peru Flavors on Wheels !! Peruvian Food trucks with Peruvian Heart.

05/29/2017 • By
El Fuego Peruvian Food

Peruvian Food Truck Fuego

Peruvian Food Trucks : The Beginning

It was a normal Sunday and I found myself resting after a very busy weekend.

Then, as it is common for me on Sunday nights, I turned on the TV to be updated with the news of my country.

I was not going to tell you that I was surprised with the things I saw because I was really expecting that something like this would happen sooner or later.

Then I told myself: “We finally realized the real potential of our Peruvian food“.READ MORE

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Pancakes with scrambled eggs again? What about an exquisite Peruvian breakfast instead?

05/16/2017 • By

What is a real Peruvian breakfast ?

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It is also said that having a good breakfast improves intellectual performance as well as the good functioning of our body during the day.

Peruvians know this very well and for that reason they are not satisfied with having pancakes, scrambled eggs or a toast with bacon, fried egg and cheese for breakfast every day.

Peruvians are used to have a variety of choices for breakfast, and sometimes breakfast has a specific purpose. READ MORE

Peruvian Food

Seven traditional Peruvian food you must try before you die

02/04/2015 • By

When talking about traditional Peruvian food, I can’t help but to go back to my childhood and teenager years. Every afternoon my mother prepared the most delicious plates to satisfy her family’s requirements. In general, one was used to eating what is known as “home food”. The typical Peruvian food that get rarely ordered in restaurants but are the stars of the Peruvian food that glow, even if they’re not promoted, like ceviche or sautéed loin.READ MORE

Peruvian Food

Peruvian rotisserie chicken : A more than 60-year old history.

01/30/2015 • By

peruvian rotisserie chickenWho could deny that the peruvian rotisserie chicken is the favorite dish of every Peruvian person? Not just because its extraordinary taste, juicy in the inside and crispy on the outside, sided by the equally tasteful fried Peruvian potatoes, the spicy sauce (a perfect mix of huacatay and peruvian yellow chili pepper), salad and the purple corn drink called “chicha morada”  to calm the thirst down.READ MORE

Peruvian Food

Discover the true history of Peruvian food. A history of color, flavor and fusion.

12/28/2014 • By

It is after getting to know the real history of Peruvian food that we can understand the origins of the great variety of dishes and ingredients found in it.

It is a story with a lot of shades, where the mixture of cultures and traditions is clearly observed in every culinary presentation.

Peru is a generous and diverse land. It is enough to say that it has 84 of the 104 climatic zones of the world. Its ground provides more than 400 kinds of potatoes, and 2,000 kinds of sweet potato. There are more than 600 original fruits from Peru and the sea offers more than 2,000 varieties of fishes, making Peru the country with the most diverse marine fauna in the globe.READ MORE

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