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Peruvian Chefs conquer The New York Times. The new “Generation with Cause”

08/01/2017 • By
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Peruvian Chefs

New Peruvian Chefs

These are the Peruvian Chefs that are ready to conquer United States with the best version of Peruvian Food

PromPeru in its constant search to strengthen its foundations and market the biodiversity of Peruvian Cuisine, had the intention of gathering about 50 new Peruvian Chefs from different parts of our country.

The so called fourth generation of Peruvian chefs who also claimed to be the “Generation with a cause  had as its main objective to consolidate Peru as the worldwide principal touristic and gastronomic destiny for 2021.

As you may know, Peru has been recognized as the most important gastronomic destiny of the world for five consecutive years. It has exceeded many prestigious cuisines such as the French, the Japanese, the Italian, The Mexican, the Spanish and the Thai cuisine. The last one was awarded in a ceremony held in the Maldives Islands in 2016.

These young Peruvian chefs submitted an agreement in which they commit to:

  • Fight against hunger and the waste of food in order to build a bridge between cuisine and social work.
  • Engage with the learning of all issues regarding food process. This process goes from the manufactures, products, environment to production systems. They also engage with the identification of needs and the provision of solutions where they are needed.
  • Determine raw endemic materials (which are found and distributed in only one region) as well as assigning an origin home country label.
  • Provide education and decent jobs. It should be recognized that all people who take part in this process have the same degree of importance for the gastronomic and cultural development of the country.

This innovative proposal called the attention of a communication giant in the United States to wit The New York Times; the most prestigious news online portal. Being aware of what Peru means for the world regarding gastronomy, The New York Times decided to travel to Peru to produce content at first hand that will be then be spread around its channels. This could make Peruvian food get a more important place on internationals markets.

What do you think if we know a bit more of the members of this new “Generation with a Cause” ?. We are completely sure that in a not too distant future, they will make us feel pride of having placed the name of Peru on top once again.

Palmiro Ocampo

Palmiro Ocampo

Peruvian Chef Palmiro Ocampo

This extraordinary Peruvian chef has a well-known risky philosophy, however this philosophy has a special social background. Palmiro calls his philosophy the culinary recycling. This consists in taking advantage of all raw materials that were previously considered prohibited for human consumption. Among these materials we have: shells of some food items, seeds, fibers, etc. These type of materials were usually sent to the bin. His emerging creativity and his will to help the most needed ones have driven him to experience great moments.

He has gone from working with most prestigious restaurants worldwide to feed more than two thousand people from the poorest areas of Peru daily . This could be achieved thanks to the Ccori Gastronomic and Development Research Center. Palmiro was the founder of this Institute.

Matias Cilloniz

Peruvian Chef Matias Cilloniz

Matias Cilloniz

This young Peruvian chef has decided to experience and run round the paradigms in which the main element were proteins. For Matias everything must run round vegetables. He is very concerned on nutrition facts and ways to better handle food recycling.

Matias thinks that it is necessary to be aware of issues regarding sustainability, nutrition and environment. As he stated: It is mandatory to connect the eater with the nature through vegetables, which is his main objective.

Francesco di Sanctis

Rebeca Delgado

Ignacio Barrios

Arlett Euler

Now that you know a little bit more about these new representatives of Peruvian Cuisine, What do you think of their ideas? Do you think something might change? Who of these chefs do you feel more identified with?

We only have to support and push everyone on the same direction. Everyone is important so we can make our culture and food be recognized worldwide. Peru is a blessed country. We should take advantage of all this wonderful country can give us.

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