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You should know why the Peruvian Pisco is vastly superior to the bad Chilean imitation – Shocking facts inside !!

06/10/2017 • By
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Pisco - Traditional beverage of Peru Peruvian Pisco

Pisco – Traditional beverage of Peru Peruvian Pisco

Find out reasons why The Peruvian Pisco is a high international quality product and why the so called Chilean Pisco is a very bad imitation of it.

The lack of creativity of some people might reach unprecedented levels.

Someone might try to imitate a market leader seller and to some extend improve his or her products, but trying to take his or her ideas as if they were theirs without giving any reasonable arguments, it is something ridiculous.

The Pisco is 100% Peruvian

If someone tries to claim that Pisco has a Chilean origin, this person is not only a cold fish but someone who needs to provide enough evidence to support this statement. 

Let us start for the name we give to this drink.

The etymological root of this word reflects a Quechuan origin which stands for birds or small birds in allusion to birds that fly over the Pisco city or over Pisco Port, which is located to the south of Lima, the Capital of Peru.

Besides this, there are cities along Peru which share this word in their names such as Piscomarca, Piscopampa and Piscobamba.

There are also surnames such as Piscoya and Pisconte that give enough evidence of the influence this Pisco word has over the history of these cities and their people.

Now let us start with Chile:

They claim that Pisco had its origin in a village called Pisco Elqui, which is located at 1300 meters above sea level (where it does not exist birds flying over any port), so it is nonsense the real meaning of this word in this area or village.

Pisco Peru vs Pisco Elqui

Pisco Peru vs Pisco Elqui

Pisco Elqui did not have this name but until 1936 when it was changed the name of La Unión city founded in 1872. This was apparently done to protect the origin of the name of the beverage. This drink has been produced in Peru since the XVI century.

This is totally nonsense; how would someone claim that Pisco came from Chile if Peru had over five hundred years preparing this drink?

Now what it really makes sense is what Mr Cesar Esquivel, a historian from Elqui Village comments.

He states that a businessman who visited Peru as one of the countries he used to travel to, was so enchanted with the drink that he decided to imitate its manufacturing process and take it to Elqui Village.

As he did this, he also affirmed that he was the creator of this beverage.

Differences between The Peruvian Pisco and The Chilean drink

This can be summarized in one sentence: The Peruvian is Pisco …. The Chilean one only God probably knows.

But let us state stronger differences so you can draw your own conclusions.

The Peruvian Pisco is the purest and the best high quality drink

There are eight allowed grape varieties to produce Pisco beverages. Four are from the aromatic variety (Italia, Torontel, Moscatel and Albilla) and the other four are from the non-aromatic variety (Quebranta, Mollar, Negra Criolla and Uvina)

Besides from the preparation of Acholados Piscos (a blend of grape varieties), there also exists a category called Green Mosto (Its most important characteristic is that the juice is distilled through a pot still when the fermentation process has not ended yet).

Peruvian Grapes to make real Pisco

Peruvian Grapes to make real Pisco

The Peruvian Pisco is never diluted with water or with any other additives such as oak or sugar while it is being made. It is distilled directly to the bottle. The Chilean beverage is 40% alcohol and 60% water and it is aged in wood barrels for a long periods of time before moving it into bottles.

To get a bottle of Pisco:

It is used 15 kg of grapes in Peru while 4 kg of grapes are used in Chile.

pisco vs aguardiente

pisco vs aguardiente

The real Pisco is colorless and not aged in wood barrels, because its real flavor relies mostly in its fruit origin and not in its aging process. This is not the case of the Chilean drink which is yellow and needs an aging process in wood barrels.

In fact, The Peruvian Pisco was awarded the best liquor of the world in a world liquor competition held in Brussels, Belgium. It was also awarded a gold medal for the finest and best high quality beverage.

The Peruvian Pisco is currently among the best six drinks of the world. It is reaching far beyond the Chilean alcoholic beverage which is not even listed.

Pisco is recognized as a National heritage

European and Latin American communities have recognized Pisco as a Peruvian product recently. But they are still listening to comments and voices that claim that Pisco sour is a Chilean creation. However, this is even more peculiar if we observe how Chilean people are in contradiction with its real origin. In fact, most Peruvian restaurants located in Chile are always crowded and what these places are first ran out is of Pisco sours. Chilean people prefer the Peruvian product. They did not stop praising the great flavor and quality of our market leader beverage.

Pisco is Peruvian - Peruvian Pisco

Pisco is Peruvian – Peruvian Pisco

Every fourth Sunday of july it is celebrated Pisco´s day. If you have this opportunity, do not miss it, try it and give us your opinion!! Remember your comments are always important to us.

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