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Peruvian Restaurants in USA : What is our true goal? An open criticism.

08/03/2017 • By
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Peruvian Restaurants in USA

Peruvian Restaurants in USA

Peruvian Restaurants on target – What it is really happening ?

We are all aware of the great recognition Peruvian food has had around the world these last years. This is due to its great taste, unique ingredients or its different ways of cooking food. This might have been the reason why so many Peruvian restaurants have joyfully opened in order to take advantage of this Peruvian food boom here in the US.

I personally support those Peruvian entrepreneurs who risk to open their own businesses. They do know the potential of our Peruvian food and therefore they do not think over it twice in order to set it up for pursuing their American dream.

However, I wonder what we are aiming to when we decided on opening our own Peruvian restaurant ?

Is that only an economical benefit what we are looking for?

I think our intentions should not only pursue an extra source of income that would give us better life conditions.

In my very personal and humble opinion I would say that our main objective when opening a Peruvian restaurant should rely on the value that we give our clients.

We should make the client live a unique experience while we are promoting our food and culture.

We should aim to get a smile from everyone who visits our restaurant and who could not wait to talk to his or her friends and relatives about the wonderful time he or she spent in that place and how excited he or she is to come back again.

Unfortunately, this is not happening in most Peruvian restaurants from our area (Westchester, New York).

We suppose this is happening in other states of the country (We wish these clients tell us more about their experiences on the comments area)

The interest for writing this article came to me due to the poor experience we had in two different Peruvian restaurants from the area for two consecutive days last week.

I would not mention the names of these places for considering there were isolated events.

It is also good to mention that we have had great moments too but unfortunately bad experiences have now become more frequent in the area.

This is a warning for those who should move up and promote our food in a better way.

Because it is not only the setting up of the business, it is that sometimes we do not take advantage of the lack of competition in the area in order to offer products that have gained recognition worldwide.

There are many elements to consider if we want to give our clients a wonderful experience. Keep in mind that comments at first hand from the clients are good marketing strategies when it comes to spread bad news.

This is why, it was not surprising for me looking at the places totally empty a Saturday or a Sunday during lunch time when we should have had an opposite reality.

I will now leave in this article some tips to consider. I think they are mandatory practices when offering services and marketing our food the way it really deserves. Your opinions regarding these useful tips are kindly welcome.

A good Peruvian Restaurant should offer a suitable atmosphere

There are many elements to consider at this point. I will list some of the most important issues we observe in our first visit.

Decoration of the restaurant

Peruvian Restaurants Decor

Peruvian Restaurants Decor

It does not have to be luxurious but it should feel us comfortable enough. It should be clean, tidy and promote an environment that matches Peruvian culture.

Music that goes with our culture

It doesn´t seem to have a better experience than that of enjoying our food with the spiraling of guitar lines and a Peruvian cajon in a Peruvian waltz. Isn´t it a better option than listening to Pitbull or Juan Gabriel? ( I think music is very important in this sense)

Peruvian Food and Music

Peruvian Food and Music

A detailed and well-desgined menu with appropiate options

We think that it is definitely better to have a few choice menu which specializes in those dishes offered. They might be more recognized if they offer the best Ceviche or the best Lomo Saltado of the area than offering a variety of dishes that are then forgotten by clients when they leave the place.

Fresh Ingredients Always

As it was mentioned before, it is better to specialize in some dishes and offer the clients a better quality product than having a long list of medium or poor quality options.

It should exist a detailed ingredient quality control. It is not acceptable to offer expired products. Fish and seafood have to be 100% fresh and if this is not true, you´d better not offer dishes containing these items.

Peruvian dish presentation

Peruvian dish presentation

There are also other elements to consider that are of equal importance than those mentioned previously.

One of them is the excellent attention it should be offered to the client (keep in mind that clients are the most important elements in this business).

The location of the restaurant (it should be easily reached and offer parking facilities). Prices should be affordable to your targeted market and the product you are offering. Presentation of dishes is among other elements.

To sum up, if you try to open a Peruvian restaurant you may take into consideration many important elements.

It is not something that we just focus on economic issues, it is necessary to have a big love for our Peruvian food. We should offer a unique and nice experience to our clients.

What are we promoting? What do we want to project? Do we really want to make our clients´ customers for life or customers who are passers-by? Do we want to open more restaurants o just reduce the number of restaurants of this kind?

These are questions which we always wonder after having experienced disgusting situations.

Remember that bad experiences spread very fast while regular and unconditional clients are found once they´ve had at least three nice experiences.

We would like to know what do you think about this topic? What has it been your experience when you´ve visited Peruvian restaurants near your city?

This topic gives us a lot to talk about.

We will soon make a deep analysis regarding Peruvian food. Be aware of what is coming up next!!

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