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Five Peruvian dishes scarcely found in US restaurants The fourth one will surprise you!!

06/25/2017 • By
peruvian dishes family meal

peruvian dishes family meal

Did you know that are Peruvian dishes that are difficult to find on a Peruvian Restaurant in USA?

Have you ever wanted to eat something on a whim? You may often wake up with the purpose of eating those delicious meals that your mom or your grandma used to cook in your childhood or teenage years.

When you live far from your home town, you might need to evoke those happy and memorable times from your childhood in some way.

Cuisine can make it come true. You could remember your lovely town, your beloved friends, those memorable times with your relatives sitting around the table or maybe the first love story you had at school.


Peruvian Food

The 12 most ordered and recommended Peruvian dishes in USA. My favorite is #3.

12/15/2014 • By

By knowing the great variety of dishes in Peruvian food, capable of satisfying the most diverse and demanding tastes, I was wondering which could be the most popular and recommended Peruvian dishes in the US.

Many of the distinctive Peruvian dishes are not easy to find in American ground, and this is maybe the reason for your favorite dish not to be in this list.

I took the liberty to make a small poll and here I present the results. I simply asked: What is your favorite Peruvian dish? I didn’t make difference between main dishes, appetizers or desserts. Enjoy and review the list and check if your favorite dish is in it.READ MORE