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Peruvian Restaurants in USA : Are they hanging on our cuisine’ s fame or are they really promoting our food?

11/14/2017 • By

Peruvian Restaurants in USA - Fusion Tacos of Lomo Saltado

Peruvian Restaurants in USA – Fusion Tacos of Lomo Saltado

The New Trend of Peruvian Restaurants in USA

When the weekend is coming by and our workdays are about to finish (we enjoy at least two days off work) our wishes to go out, relax and find a place where to enjoy will increase considerably. In my case, I am always looking for new Peruvian Restaurants in USA where I could enjoy the flavors and smells which could take me back to my home country.READ MORE

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Discover the new way to promote Peruvian Food. Peru Flavors on Wheels !! Peruvian Food trucks with Peruvian Heart.

05/29/2017 • By
El Fuego Peruvian Food

Peruvian Food Truck Fuego

Peruvian Food Trucks : The Beginning

It was a normal Sunday and I found myself resting after a very busy weekend.

Then, as it is common for me on Sunday nights, I turned on the TV to be updated with the news of my country.

I was not going to tell you that I was surprised with the things I saw because I was really expecting that something like this would happen sooner or later.

Then I told myself: “We finally realized the real potential of our Peruvian food“.READ MORE