Peruvian Desserts

Five Peruvian desserts that our grandparents used to have on their way to school. I did not even know number four existed.

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traditional peruvian desserts

traditional peruvian desserts

Traditional Peruvian Desserts that you didn’t know until today

In our country, Peruvian food is really appreciated and recognized by its unique taste, diversity of ingredients and ways to cook food. But Peruvian desserts have not reached the same recognition than others have earned. This has been happening in spite of their high quality and taste that have also made them as awesome as the rest of the food.

Peruvian desserts were born upon the arrival of Spaniards to America. They brought ingredients such as sugar, milk and flour. Besides this, they also shared European, Arab and Hindus techniques to prepare different kind of desserts.

In convents and monasteries of the time it was started to mix European ingredients and techniques with the ingredients of our country. By this time, it is when the real Peruvian multiracial pastries was born.READ MORE