Winners List

As a thank you to the unconditional support of all our followers. In all our channels. Such as : this blog, our facebook group, instagram and our VIP group (which is free by the way). Peruvian Food USA has decided to grant them different prizes and incentives on a permanent basis.

It is for this reason that we put at your disposal this list of winners. This will be updated frequently as the list of winners increases. Remember that you have a maximum period of 60 days to claim your prizes. Otherwise, new people will be given the opportunity to be elected. So it would be good to consult this page weekly. Thank You.

Julio P. Mendoza (07/13/2017)
T-Shirt PFU / Unclaimed

Carmen Consuelo Castillo (07/13/2017)
T-shirt PFU / Unclaimed

Marianne - Miami, Florida (07/30/2017)
T-shirt PFU / Claimed

Angelica Flores-Alvarez (08/07/2017)
T-shirt PFU / Claimed

Maria Alicia - California (08/13/2017)
$100 Gift Card Peruvian Restaurant / Claimed

All winners have been contacted in one way or another. This is a referential list.